Republic of Kowicz
Flag of Kowicz
Coat of arms of Kowicz
Coat of Arms

Libertas et Spes
(English: Freedom and Hope)
Location of Kowicz (dark green)
in Europe (dark grey)
Capital city Olsk
Largest city Olsk
Official language(s) Polish
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic
Demonym Kowiczi
Government Republic
- President tbd
- Prime Minister tbd
Legislature National Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Independence 13 September 1989 (from USSR)
Area 8862 sq. km.
Population 1,565,000 (2014)
Currency Kowiczi złoty (KOW)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

The Republic of Kowicz, often shortened to just Kowicz is a sovereign state located in the Baltic Sea near Poland, Sweden, Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia) and Lithuania. The total area of Kowicz is 8862 sq. km. With a population of 1,565,000, Kowicz is the 153rd most populous country in the world. Kowicz is a unitary state divided into 12 administrative divisions, known as Voivodeships. The official language is Polish, and the culture is similar to the culture of Poland.

Kowicz gained independence for the first time ever in 1989, when the Polish People's Republic fell. The new Republic of Poland granted Kowicz independence, as Kowicz wanted to manage its structure. Both countries continue to have good relations, and Poland has an overseas territory on the west island of Kowicz.

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